Women In Power – Suit Up

It is unnerving. Walking across corporate corridors knowing this day is one amongst a line of unending days filled with presentations, meet-ups, pitches and desking. Sometimes, in between meetings there is simply no time, even for any meals. Some days it feels lovely to walk out of the house in PJs and have a bed-head look. Yet, for women in power, there is little room. 21st-century gifts of equality aside, to walk in, wearing a date night casual dress and stare at a room filled with men and women suited up can suddenly and weirdly take away some of the “oomph”. We think a great solution is to pair up those chic dresses with blazers for those casual days. Here are 6 reasons why Blazers are so ‘in’:

1. It’s not you baby it’s me: It isn’t about that dude or dudette from accounting who will take you seriously. Nor is it about impressing the Bawse with dressing sense. It is about the confidence which your outfit gives you. Perhaps to ask for that promotion or to deliver the last line of the presentation with extra power. There is something about putting on Blazer on any skirt, cocktail dress, minis, pants or whatever, it makes you feel empowered to walk in there
and grab with all you got.

2. They scream Flexi-work: Blazers are flexible and immensely forgiving. They work in giving you power in formal wear. They also work in turning the Friday casual tee and jeans into something boardroom friendly. It never hurts to have one of our unique pieces in the back of your trunk to back you up always!

3. They are the epitome of transitions: Blazers are perfection. They are strong enough for meetings and soft enough for brunches as well as fine-dine evenings. It stands true for every shade. But we are partial to the darks and neutrals, as we believe that they have the bling for flashy nights and the class for your latest daytime business triumphs. Our blazers carry you perfectly from daytime to evening and are the perfect accessory for sunrise or sunset selfies.

4. They are kind to every body type: Boxy, curvy, razor-thin or work in progress, whatever you think your bawdy type is, the humble blazer will aid up effortlessly. We are not here to pull labels over your bodies, we are simply here to fill the need for class and define your wardrobe needs.

5. They go with YOUR style: Mommy jeans, skinnies, tanks, high necks, necks or no necks, you are what defines your style. In this world, where every fashion red carpet mistake becomes the laywoman’s trend, feel free to take our blazer and define your style, and should we dare to give suggestions, visit our website anytime!

6. They are loyal: Unlike 2 for 1 jelly shots, you shall not regret your Blazer purchase. They last long, go with almost anything and are likely to be your loyal companions for your youth, prime and if they are ours, far far beyond!

SO go ahead, do yourself a favour and get your wardrobe a quintessential blazer that defines YOU. Life is too short to NOT check out the necessities.

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