Psychological Aspects Of Clothing

Clothes are a strong source to convey your personality to someone. When you are meeting someone for the first time you want them to have a positive perception about you, and for that you make sure you are well groomed and dressed appropriately.

Clothes are no more only the protecting layer for the skin, nowadays it is really important to be well dressed, it makes you feel good about yourself which itself boosts your self confidence.

Earlier in time clothes were also used to indicate the social status of a person. There were certain specific clothing items and accessories which only a specific group of people could wear, and hence it was easier for others to know the social status of a person. Today clothes are used to convey the personality, mood, work, and ideology of a person.

What you wear can easily transform you from who you are to who you want to be. Dressing up appropriately can help you elevate your image in the society.

The way you dress up tells a lot about you, waking up gloomy in the morning affects the selection of your clothes and you might end up wearing something that reflects your gloomy morning mood. Similarly, when you dress your self in a way that reflects enthusiasm that you put effort to dress up and groom in an energetic vibe your clothes reflect that feeling clearly.

How we dress also reveals how much thought we give to ourselves. It’s the first step towards taking care of ourselves and expressing our unique selves. Our mood is influenced by how we dress. What one wears also conveys whether one is accentuating or masking their individuality.

Colors have a significant impact on how fashion affects us and those around us. Various colors have been studied to see how they influence thoughts and feelings. according to studies each color has psychological and emotional aspects.

A very core of a tailored suit is that others will remind you, sometimes with pleasant comments, even if you’ve forgotten you’re wearing a well-made suit and a great pair of shoes. When you suit up, it attracts others’ attention, and they will usually respond to you out of appreciation for the effort you’ve put into looking well. In psychological parlance, a suit tends to affect your thought process, it usually encourages one to be more abstract in the thoughts. suit also coveys a powerful message of authority, responsibility and leadership.

A well-suited woman creates her own charm. Your goal is to feel secure and content with your own style, not to appeal to individuals who have specific dress code preferences for women. As a result, you’ll be quick on your feet in business and appreciate the pleasure of wearing well-made cloths. Your cloths and your style can be viewed as an art. The idea that the outfit you are wearing is the time and efforts you took out for yourself, to give you have fit and shape of the garment.

In the line to tailoring, personality is crucial. When the quality of their labor reflects their personal integrity and capacity to fulfil their word, even tailors are regarded more. Clergy and military uniforms are bound by a code of conduct, but the type of individual who wears bespoke clothing is equally interested in developing himself/herself internally as well as externally.

Internal confidence is important. Recognizing your abilities and valuing your strengths will help you look your best. Clothes are a means of enhancing one’s self-assurance.

Being a woman, the decision of wearing a suit out was a challenging thing as women wearing men style clothes was often considered a breaking of a gender stereotype. which are the standards that usually tells both men and women what they should wear and how they should be dressed.

Increasingly, the modern-day world does not particularly understand and follow the restrictive gender stereotypes. today people are free to dress however they wish to portray themselves.

We can see women in suits even on the red carpets. Angelina Jolie gave a twist to the classic feminine shape and wore a men’s style suit with wider shoulder pads, Janelle Monae has stunned the audience with  bright, fun and mod style suits on the red-carpet.

Every piece of garment has a different kind of femineity, a different style in which a women can wear it and look great and at the same time feel good about her self. a woman wearing basic and predictable black-tie suit can make it look unique and stylish statement that for sure erases all the reservation about suit being a bit boring outfit .

A woman wearing a suit usually makes a lasting statement on the audience. Our clothes are a statement about our feeling and personality. it can effectively deliver the message we want to give to others .

more often our choices are more aesthetic that is if they look good and makes us feel good its enough for us to wear it.

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