Exclusive, Classic and Always in Style

Creating Absolute Stunning Styles for you

About Us

We are on a mission to create an authentic clothing range for women. We provide personal assistance and tailor-made designs, to make every woman feel special in her style. We also provide an option of customizing designs to give you comfort.

At True False, you will always find exclusive designs, which are simultaneously limited edition, to make your wardrobe unique.

Our Vision And Values

Setting up a brand in the market where finding authentic luxury designs and apparel is easy. Placing the brand on par with other luxury brands with the tone of “Letting people know the real taste of luxury”.

The brand name must be the first thing to come to your mind when designer apparel comes into the picture.

Why Choose Us?



Our fabrics are made to last for a long time without any wear & tear


Our fabrics & fits are designed to provide unmatched comfort

Premium Fabrics

Our fabrics are of premium grade, which is strong yet comfortable in designing suits.

Exclusive Designs

Our designs are a limited edition to make your wardrobe unique.

Tailored Fit

We provide a perfect fit to take your outfit a step beyond stunning.

Custom Made

We provide an option to customize the design to give you unmatched comfort.

Personal Assistance

We provide personal assistance & tailor-made designs to make every woman feel special in her own style.

Suitable For Everyone

We feel every woman is special in her own style & hence we have sizes available for all body shapes

Customer Experience

The whole idea is to make sure the customer is well satisfied with the product he / she ordered.